Lombardini LDW 502 M Marine Engine

This series of exceptionally light and compact engines, features very high reliability in every condition; furthermore, this specific project has been carried out in order to optimize durability and low fuel consumption without reducing the performance of the engine.

4 stroke marine diesel engines (LDW 502 M, LDW 702 M, LDW 1003 M, LDW 1404 M), fresh water cooled via heat exchanger, complete with zinc anode protection; cast-iron engine block (aluminium for LDW 502 M); reborable liners; one piece aluminium cylinder head; indirect injection with unit injector pump in the cylinder head; overhead camshaft with timing belt; vane type lubrication pump on crankshaft; fresh water cooling pump in the engine block; stainless steel water injected exhaust elbow; self-priming sea water pump; air filter; anti-corrosion surface treatment.

The original design concept as the pearlitic grey cast iron cylinder head with integral reborable “twin” arranged liners, with cross flow intake and exhaust pipes, has allowed the reduction of the engine length assuring at the same time an exceptional sturdiness. The LDW 502 M, which has been built with an aluminium engine block and reborable liners is the lightest of the FOCS series.

Excellent results have been obtained in reducing noise emission thanks to the location of the injection system in the cylinder head, to a ribbing system along all the engine structure and to the complete absence of gears.

The overhead camshaft is driven through a cogged belt, especially designed for heavy duty applications to ensure longevity of belt life.

The utilization of newly developed and “Lombardini patented” pump-injector units, in place of a conventional system, incorporating separate fuel injection pumps and injectors, allows the elimination of fuel pipes and consequently provides a better injection timing with the result of great performance advantages.

The “Lombardini patented” injection system has been tested for exhaust emission levels to the lowest limits. FOCS engines achieved high acclaim with regard to exhaust emissions being well below the EEC requirements.

The very accurate balancing of the moving components together with optimum combustion allows low vibration levels at all engine speeds.

Components subject more frequent checking are located in the upper part of the engine, just under the cover. This allows easy and low cost equipment maintenance.

Cylinders 2
Bore & Stroke 72×62
Displacement 505
Power Max HP 13 hp
Power Max HP 9,5 kw
Power at the propeller HP 11,5 hp
Power at the propeller KW 8,5 kw
Compression ratio 22,3:1
Weight 82 kg •
Height 492 mm
Width 452 mm
Length 560 mm •
Turns/minute 3600